Fully embrace the Neo Classical sound in 16 weeks 

Not only become able to play Neo Classical Metal but grow into a real Neo Classical Metal musician yourself

Dissecting and analyzing Neo Classical Metal Masterpieces to fully understand the secrets. Using this knowledge and secrets to create your own Masterpieces 

Final Graduation ! you will be creating a Neo Classical piece yourself and submitting it to get your final degree

Plus ! learn the style of these amazing bands and players


Jason Becker

Yngwie Malmsteen

Tony Macalpine

Vinnie Moore

Chris Impellitteri

Michael Romeo

Symphony x

  • Every week you will not only learn a new inspiring Neo Classical Etude with Backing tracks, but also learn to master all the Neo Classical Tools that allows you to create your own Neo Classical Metal Songs, play and understand all the masters of Neo Classical Metal 
  • Graduate in Neo Classical Metal. You will get assignments and tests in creating your own Neo Classical pieces and a Final Graduation Test (not obligated) with your permission your songs will be shown on the website and Facebook
  • 120 minutes of video every week
  • Every week you get a new action plan that makes sure you stay focused and on track to get the results becoming the best you can be 
  • Mastering music theory by learning it through practical examples that makes sense in the context of YOUR taste in music 
  • New and essential methods of practicing to get fast results, even in very advanced techniques
  • Contemporary and outrageous new triad tapping techniques presented. Both easy and expert versions

What this means to you is that you now will enter the league of real musicians and not "just" a guitar player that never get's further than noodling around with the guitar in he's room, not that there's anything wrong with that but now you'll at least have the option to step up with the big boys and free yourself of the technical, practical and theoretical obstacles that you might have been held back by in the past. Now It's your time to rock ! 

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